Mystim Rocking Vibe S
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Mystim Rocking Vibe S


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You want the full blast satisfaction? Then don’t have ROCKING VIBES rubbed into your face but into your butt. Even if it sounds harsh, its graceful, upwardly tapering silicone body with gently rounded tip really is made to fuck you up. Typical rock star, the Mystim E-Stim butt plug really kicks ass in bed. Whether it’s tingling electrosex or remote-controlled vibration, you’ll scream like a groupie: More, more, more! Soft rock or hard rock? Sit down on ROCKING VIBES and he’ll play you like crazy. With the E-Stim device you control how hard it tickles, tingles or hums inside of you via the baffles. To activate the two poles, you need a stimulation current device like the Mystim Cluster Buster, the Mystim Tension Lover or the Mystim Pure Vibes. With the remote control you can also control in 10 steps how much ROCKING VIBES vibrates inside you. What are butterflies in your belly against BUMblebees up your ass? For using the E-Stim function an electrical device is needed. E-Stim connection via Mystim Plug.

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